Uniform Justice (The Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery Series, Book #12)

Uniform Justice is a 2007 release from author Donna Leon, a New York native who has spent many years in Italy, where this series is set. This novel, the 12th of 21 books currently making up the series by Leon, has lately risen to the top of the Kindle charts thanks to its gripping narrative of a society complicit in covering up a local death.

Cadet Moro is a young man of reputable background, the son of a politician with a history of incredible integrity. When the young cadet is found hanged at the Venetian military academy which he attended, his …

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Until Series (Box Set)

The Until Series box set is a bargain-priced collection of contemporary romances by Aurora Rose Reynolds, a rising author among the ranks of Amazon’s romance writers. This collection of four novels offers a lot of romance reading material for a small price, perfect for those readers who may want to peruse a variety of steamy stories.

The stories included in this box set all portray stories of couples who meet and fight their attractions before finally succumbing to their mutual feelings. Until November, Until Trevor, Until Lilly and Until Nico each scored very well with readers as individual releases, and all four are available in a …

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Vanished (The Bone Secrets Series, Book #5)

Vanished is the most recent offering from award-winning romance and suspense novelist Kendra Elliot and the most recent title in her Bone Secrets series. This novel offers a plot that stands on its own away from the series and features much of the same criminal mystery and simmering romance that has earned Elliot a fair following.

The tranquil nature of the Oregon countryside is shattered one day when the FBI sends in a team in quick response to the abduction of an 11-year-old girl. Special Agent Ava McLane is called onto the scene to perform a diligent investigation by learning what …

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Coconut Oil for Beginners – Your Coconut Oil Miracle Guide: Health Cures, Beauty, Weight Loss, and Delicious Recipes

Coconut Oil for Beginners is a recent publication from Rockridge Press, a publishing brand which specializes in producing texts related to various diet and health topics. This text on nutrition aims to offer readers a primer on the health impacts of introducing more coconut into the diet and offers plenty of ideas on how to do so.

Coconut has been maligned in past years as a fatty food, but with more research into the different types of fats used by the human body, this tropical fruit has been growing in popularity. This book contains dozens of recipes which involve coconut, including …

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Yellow Crocus

Yellow Crocus is one of the most recent Kindle releases available on Amazon.com and the first major release by author Laila Ibrahim, a former child care center director-turned-writer. This novel follows a story of family love forged between two people who share no blood relation but rather a strong bond in spite of the social realities of their time.

Lisbeth’s attachment to her biological mother is cut short moments after she is born when she is handed immediately to Mattie, a wet nurse owned as a slave by Lisbeth’s plantation-owning family. Mattie herself was separated from her newborn son to care …

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National Security (The Jericho Quinn Series, Book #1)

National Security is a recent novel from Marc Cameron and the first in the authors series of novels following the actions of Special Agent Jericho Quinn. Built upon the foundation of Cameron’s own experience in federal law enforcement, this novel features a suspenseful plot involving a race against time to stop an attack of bioterrorism.

A Middle Eastern terrorist group has sent over three members to the United States on a suicide mission. Instead of fiery explosions, however, their deaths will unleash the poisonous toxins with which they’ve willingly injected themselves. To fight this threat, the United States government needs an …

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The Hidden Child: A Novel

The Hidden Child is the most recent novel out from author Camilla Lackberg, a bestselling author in her native Sweden who has been finding a following with some American readers. This novel takes an intriguing look at a dark period in Europe’s past which coincides with the personal past that this story’s heroine is just beginning to uncover.

Erica Falck is a writer who has always been drawn to criminal subjects in her work. Still, she is taken aback when she finds Nazi memorabilia among the personal belongings of her recently departed mother. Seeking answers, she comes across a retired history teacher …

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The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day

The Longest Day is a non-fiction epic which introduced most of the world to the brutal carnage and the heroic acts involved in the Allied invasion of Normandy, an event known to the world as D-Day. First published in 1959, this narrative goes into painstaking detail in its depiction of one of the major turning points of World War II.

This text, put together by author Cornelius Ryan, was the world’s first full account of the events of D-Day. This eBook contains the same text which recounts the hours leading up to the invasion, the brutal carnage which unfolded once the …

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Outlander: A Novel (The Outlander Series, Book #1)

Outlander is an early novel out from New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon and the first in her very popular Outlander series of historical fantasies. This story weaves two compelling periods of time together into an epic narrative involving passionate romance and time travel which connects lovers who are centuries apart.

Once World War II ends, nurse Claire Randall is finally reunited with her husband, and they immediately go away on a second honeymoon. While out in the wilderness, Claire stumbles across one of the many stone circles from ancient times which exist on the island nation of Great Britain. When …

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If I Stay

If I Stay is a powerful novel from author Gayle Forman first published in 2009 and now gaining new notoriety as it is set to be adapted into a major motion picture. This teen lit novel follows the supernatural journey of one girl locked into a struggle for her survival while she tries to make sense of tragedy.

Mia is a 17-year-old girl with amazing cello skills and a loving family, but that all changes in an instant one day when her family is involved in a fatal car crash. As Mia sees herself from outside her body, she has no recollection …

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Ugly Love: A Novel

Ugly Love is the most recent novel out from Colleen Hoover, an author of contemporary romances who has had multiple New York Times bestselling works published in the last few years. This dramatic romance has been evoking an emotional response from a large number of its readers since its release for Kindle devices yesterday.

Nurse Tate Collins is not looking for anything resembling a deep relationship when she comes across pilot Miles Archer. What develops between the two certainly isn’t friendly, but it certainly is intimate. Both are terribly attracted to each other and they make an arrangement to keep things …

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Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies is the most recent novel from author Liane Moriarity, a popular contemporary author who has dabbled in genres as diverse as romance and thrillers and even children’s fiction. This novel, which has been getting some favorable press from publications such as Entertainment Weekly, Kirkus Reviews and USA Today, follows a trio of mothers locked into desperate situations in a small town that may have tragic consequences.

In one small town in Australia, the lives of three mothers intersect because their children all attend the same preschool. Madeline is a fiery personality who has lately had trouble holding onto her rapidly changing …

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Not a Drill: A Jack Reacher Short Story

Not a Drill is a short story published just yesterday from writer Lee Child, author of the internationally-acclaimed Jack Reacher series. This short piece of fiction finds Reacher transported to the solitude of the wilderness in the northeastern United States where he stumbles into a covert military operation.

Jack Reacher is hitchhiking through the forested terrain of Maine with a group of Canadians looking to trek out on a hiking expedition in some of the last true wild patches of nature to be found in the United States. On their journey, they encounter a small town which may be the quiet …

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The Ladies’ Room

The Ladies’ Room is a recent novel written by romance novelist Carolyn Brown, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. This contemporary romantic comedy features a quirky story of two middle-aged people at crossroads in their own lives who fall for one another.

In a tiny town in Oklahoma, Trudy is a woman going through a very rough period in life. She’s been learning about her husband’s infidelities, which have carried on through their marriage, while her daughter pitches a wild rebellious phase. Her mother is also in the local nursing home, where she’s battling Alzheimer’s disease. To top it all off, …

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