Wish You Well

Wish You Well is a 2001 novel penned by internationally bestselling author David Baldacci which has recently been adapted into a feature-length film available on-demand and on DVD. This novel, set mainly in the rural South during the 1940s, is a significantly different type of drama than the thrillers for which Baldacci is known.

12-year-0ld Louisa and 7-year-old Oz live a fairly comfortable life in New York City until the day a car accident tears their family apart. With their father dead and their mother in a catatonic state, the pair are whisked off to live with their grandmother on her …

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Hotel is a novel by New York Times bestselling writer Arthur Hailey which follows a cast of characters swept up into a human drama set in the sweltering city of New Orleans. This 1965 classic, which had been adapted into a full-length motion picture as well as a 1980s television series produced by Aaron Spelling, has been climbing near the top of the Kindle bestseller charts since it’s re-release as an eBook.

The largest and most luxurious hotel in New Orleans is about to get a huge reality check when it’s discovered that the owner of the establishment only has four days …

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a New York Times bestseller penned by author Marie Kondo which offers a primer on how to declutter a reader’s home and promote a sense of calm and joy at home. This text offers readers a solution to the problem of the disorganization that can quickly occur because of all the things we accumulate during the course of our daily lives.

Kondo, who has worked professionally as a Japanese cleaning consultant, touts her own KonMari method for reorganizing an entire home instead of taking a piecemeal, room-by-room approach. This holistic approach to cleaning a home …

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14th Deadly Sin (Women’s Murder Club, Book #14)

14th Deadly Sin is the most recent title released by James Patterson, the acclaimed author of thrillers and suspense novels who holds the Guinness world record for the most New York Times bestselling novels ever. Co-written with Maxine Paetro, this fourteenth novel in the Women’s Murder Club series features another engrossing criminal case that rocks the city of San Francisco.

The members of the Women’s Murder Club congregate in San Francisco to celebrate the birthday of one of their own but the party ends short for Detective Lindsay Boxer. She’s called to investigate a shocking crime scene: a woman has been murdered on …

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Pines (The Wayward Pines Trilogy, Book #1)

Pines is the first title in the Wayward Pines trilogy penned by science-fiction horror writer Blake Crouch following the increasingly harrowing adventures of a Secret Service agent caught up in circumstances beyond his control. This bestseller is currently being adapted into a M. Night Shyamalan-directed FOX television event premiering May 14th.

Ethan Burke has been dispatched to the area of Wayward Pines in Idaho having been tasked with locating and recovering two federal agents who were last seen in the town one month earlier. Almost as soon as he arrives, however, Ethan is sent to the hospital, the victim of a …

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Three Wishes

Three Wishes is a 2009 novel written by popular contemporary fiction writer Liane Moriarty, a writer with a number of eBook titles that have been selling well in the Kindle Store. This title follows the story of three sisters, their disparate problems and how family can come together to both frustrate and heal each other.

The Kettle triplets, Lyn, Cat and Gemma, have been having an awful 33rd year of their respective lives. Lyn is a mother and a successful entrepreneur but her bouts of panic have been getting stronger recently. Cat deals with a painful trifecta of a recent miscarriage, …

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Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (The Wicked Years, Book #1)

Wicked is an epic fantasy novel by author Gregory Maguire that takes a political and satirical look at the beloved world of Oz conceived by L. Frank Baum more than 100 years ago. This story, which has been adapted into a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, looks at Oz through the lens of a young girl destined to be a tragic figure.

From the moment she is born, the green-skinned, toothy Elphaba is marked as separate from a world full of humans, talking animals and Munchkinlanders. Her family is no source of solace and she experiences further rejection when she grows up …

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The Heir (The Selection Series, Book #4)

The Heir is a very recent novel from Kiera Cass, a popular writer of teen literature. This title, the fourth in Cass’s Selection series, continues the fairy tale world and follows the Selection of one of the younger characters who grew up over the course of this fantasy saga.

Twenty years ago, the Selection of Prince Maxon ended up with his marriage to America Singer and their subsequent happily-ever-after ending. Their daughter, Princess Eadlyn, was always enthralled by her parents’ love story but never wanted one for her own. As she becomes of age, however, she must now go through her own …

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You Don’t Want To Know

You Don’t Want To Know is a recent novel from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Jackson, a writer with more than seventy-five published novels to her credit. This psychological suspense novel follows the plight of one woman who learns that the truth about her haunted past might be even worse than she thought.

When Ava Garrison’s young son Noah went missing, Ava’s life spirals out of control. For two years, she is processed through a network of mental institutions, racked with intense grief over the son who is never found. Finally well enough to return home, Ava experiences strange …

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Boundary Crossed (The Boundary Magic Series, Book #1)

Boundary Crossed is a book published just today from popular fantasy writer Melissa F. Olson. This title, which has already shot to the Top 10 bestsellers in the Kindle store, follows a young woman who must learn to develop the newly found supernatural side of herself if she is going to save her family and herself.

Allison “Lex” Luther is a former U.S. Army sergeant who swears an oath to protect her niece Charlie after Charlie’s mom, Lex’s twin sister, is brutally slain. When Lex has to fight off a pair of vampires who have come for Charlie, she’s sure that …

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Gathering Prey (The Prey Series, Book #25)

Gathering Prey is the most recent novel out from New York Times bestselling author John Sandford, a very popular writer of mysteries and a 1986 Pulitzer Prize-award winner. This 25th installment of Sandford’s Prey series has climbed atop the Kindle bestseller charts and might be a good choice for anyone seeking an early summer investigative drama.

Letty Davenport, the adopted daughter of Lucas Davenport, receives a phone call from a distressed friend while she’s on break from college. Her friend is a Traveler, one of a group of traveling nomads who migrate from city to city across the country, panhandling to survive and generally …

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Memory Man (The Amos Decker Series, Book #1)

Memory Man is the most recent novel out from top thriller and suspense author David Baldacci, a writer of 29 full-length novels, some of which have been turned into motion pictures, such as Absolute Power. This book introduces a new detective character conceived by Baldacci whose tragic personal story coincides with a moment in time where he is one of the few people who can help a community heal.

Amos Decker’s professional football career was cut short on his very first play when a violent hit caused a number of problems with his brain. One new trait, an inability to forget anything, …

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The Baker’s Daughter: A Novel

The Baker’s Daughter is a recent novel out from author Sarah McCoy and this title is currently a #1 bestseller for Kindle’s women’s historical fiction genre. The story depicts the difficult personal choices made by a teenager during times of war and the way her tale is able to continue reverberating after decades.

Germany was seeing the waning days of the Nazi Empire slip away during 1945 but Elsie Schmidt is well-insulated from the worst of World War II. A marriage proposal from an older S.S. officer has allowed her to remain with her parents and work at their bakery in …

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The Last Jews in Berlin

The Last Jews in Berlin is a work of historical non-fiction by Leonard Gross published in January and that has climbed to the top of the Kindle bestseller charts in recent days. This title follows the real-life stories of a dozen Jewish men and women who were somehow able to escape Hitler’s clutches for more than a decade while living in the epicenter of Nazism.

There were 160,000 Jewish people living in the German capital of Berlin in 1933, the year in which Adolf Hitler came to power. Just one decade later, only 5,000 Jews remained in the city untouched by air …

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