Wreckage is the debut novel from author Emily Bleeker which was just released yesterday for the Kindle format. This suspense-filled drama finds two people forced together by tragic circumstances and the lies they’ve told that are quickly catching up with them.

Two years ago, Dave Hall and Lillian Linden were among a small group of people who go missing in an airplane accident, but they miraculously were able to survive. The pair are thrust into the media spotlight after their rescue but they have to fabricate a story so that others don’t learn a dark truth. After the buzz dies down …

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Take Me With You

Take Me With You is the most recent major novel released by bestselling fiction author Catherine Ryan Hyde and the 24th novel penned by that author during her career. This inspirational title features a man making a difficult journey who is forced to take on a couple of extra passengers on his way.

August Shroeder is hitting the road for another summer vacation after the school year ends, which the teacher has done for years. He’s traveling with his dog Woody for Yellowstone for what was supposed to be a trip with August’s nineteen-year-old son Philip. Instead, August is bringing Philip’s …

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We Are Called to Rise: A Novel

We Are Called to Rise is the sole major release from author Laura McBride and was a very popular novel last year among publications like POPSUGAR and Redbook. This drama provides a sweeping critique of the American dream in contemporary society in an tale of disparate individuals whose stories have intertwined in one climactic moment.

For a school project, 8-year-old Albanian refugee Bashkin Ahmeti writes a letter to an American soldier serving in Iraq. Special Luis Rodriguez-Reyes, a native of Las Vegas, Ahmeti’s new hometown, decides to write a reply to the boy. What he sends back sets in motion a chain of events …

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The Nightingale

The Nightingale is the newest release from New York Times bestselling author Kristin Hannah, currently a popular writer of historical fiction. This epic wartime novel, set in France during the days of the Nazi invasion near the start of World War II, follows the stories of two sisters who are forced by circumstances to make decisions that will affect the lives of their loved ones forever.

Vianne Mauriac cares for her husband Antoine and her family in the village of Carriveau, never dreaming that war will come to France. After her husband reports to the front lines of conflict, her world is quickly …

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The Way We Fall (The Story Of Us Series, Book #1)

The Way We Fall is a recent release from contemporary romance writer Cassia Leo, a former New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. This title follows a tumultuous love story of two people who are thrown together by life circumstance and must revisit the heartache they both thought they left behind them.

Houston and Rory knew each other for years growing up but things become complicated when they develop feelings for each years later. When they first gave into their mutual feelings, they decided to move in together before going out on their first date. It wasn’t too long before Rory learned the truth …

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The Drifter’s Mail-Order Bride (The Dalton Brides, Book #4)

The Drifter’s Mail-Order Bride is a historical romance penned recently by author Cassie Hayes. This Western tale of love blossoming on the plains of north Texas is the fourth title in the Dalton Brides series and currently the bestselling inspirational romance in the entire Kindle eBook store.

“Scrawny Bonnie” Blue has had to deal with living with two sisters who everyone thinks are incredibly beautiful while she is often passed up by beaus in her hometown of Beckham, Massachusetts. She decides to strike out on her own to find a husband as a mail-order bride but scandal forces her to take …

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I’ll Be Seeing You

I’ll Be Seeing You is a 1993 novel written by renowned suspense and thriller author Mary Higgins Clark which has risen to the top of the Kindle eBook bestseller chart in recent days. This mystery features a daughter’s search for the truth behind a family tragedy, even if it leads her to a similar fate.

Meghan Collins is a New York City reporter who shows up to a city hospital only to be shocked by the appearance of a newly deceased woman who could very well be her doppelganger. The emotionally jarring experience comes nine months after her father disappeared after …

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Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey is a book about the real life inspiration for the setting for the popular PBS television show Downton Abbey written by the current Lady Carnavon. This title recounts many of the actual stories surrounding Lady Almina, the 5th Countess of Carnarvon, one of the house’s most famous inhabitants and the character basis for Downton Abbey‘s Lady Cora Crawley.

Records gathered from throughout Highclere Castle and presented in this text give readers an idea of the real history of the estate as its aristocratic family in the years leading up to World War I. Actual photographs, letters and diaries …

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Another Man’s Treasure (The Palmyra Estate Sale Mystery Series, Book #1)

Another Man’s Treasure is a 2013 release from mystery and suspense writer S.W. Hubbard and the first in her Palmyra Estate Sale Mystery series. This title features a woman trying to uncover the secrets of a disappearance from decades before that rocked her world and changed her family’s life forever.

When Audrey Nealon is a young girl, her mother leaves the house one Christmas Eve to finish up a few last holiday errands. She never returns and the shock alters Audrey’s life for good. As she grows older, Audrey owns an estate sale business and becomes an expert at finding the lost …

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To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird is the classic 1960 novel and the only major work penned by author Harper Lee. This widely praised title has been gaining momentum towards the top of the Kindle bestseller charts since the announcement that Lee would release another novel featuring the beloved characters from the original literary classic.

Scout Finch is a young girl growing up in the small Southern town of Maycomb, Alabama. As she, her brother Jem and local boy Dill Harris deal with school and the trials of growing older, they slowly become aware of a court case being held in their town. …

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The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe

The Elements is a highly visual scientific text put together by photographer Nick Mann and Theodore Gray, the man responsible for the design of the periodic table of the elements on display in science classrooms across the world. This book includes a great deal of information about every single element, including interesting images of each.

This title includes never-before-seen photographs of each of the 118 elements contained in the periodic table in their purest form. Each element entry contains data on boiling point, atomic weight, atomic density, electronegativity and even the location and date where each element was first discovered. Readers …

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Flirting with Felicity

Flirting with Felicity is the most recent novel published for the Kindle Reader by contemporary author Gerri Russell. This title features a pair of adversaries who battle over the rightful ownership of a hotel but end up setting off some romantic sparks between the two of them.

After serving as the head chef of the Bancroft Hotel, Felicity Wright is shocked to learn out that she will be inheriting the hotel after the owner dies. She plans on keeping the Bancroft open and continuing to offer up her classic culinary creations, but this isn’t ideal for Blake Bancroft, the nephew of the …

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Miramont’s Ghost

Miramont’s Ghost is the first major Amazon.com release for historical fiction and suspense author Elizabeth Hall. This gothic tale, set in France and America in the years leading up to the 20th century, features a dark story of intrigue within an aristocratic family inspired by the foreboding Miramont Castle of Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Adrienne Beauvier, the granddaughter of the Comte de Challembelles, is born into a high class lifestyle as part of the upper crust. Since birth, she has had clairvoyant visions which have prophetically revealed to her certain aspects of her family, many of which they would rather keep concealed. …

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Miss Buncle’s Book

Miss Buncle’s Book is a recent title out from literary fiction author D.E. Stevenson, another in her series of quaint novels that feature small town life in England during the middle part of the 20th century. This story follows one woman whose unexpectedly successful turn as a writer ends up affecting the lives of the people she sees everyday.

The life of Barbara Buncle has become very tough in recent days. She doesn’t have much money so she sets out to write a novel, hoping to be able to live off of the proceeds. After she can’t seem to find the inspiration …

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