A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a New York Times bestselling novel released last year by Sarah J. Maas, one of Amazon’s more popular writers of teen fiction. This fantasy novel features the struggle of a young woman who is held hostage by a world she has been taught to fear but begins to see with new eyes.

Nineteen-year-old Fayre is hunting in the woods when she kills a wolf. Instantly, she is confronted by a beast-like creature who forces Fayre to come to the mythical land of the Fae where she must offer retribution for what she took. Fayre learns that …

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The Passage (The Passage Trilogy, Book #1)

The Passage is a May 2011 release from author Justin Cronin, a popular writer in the science fiction & fantasy genre. This title introduces readers to a post-apocalyptic world where a man sent to track down a girl with special powers disobeys his orders in an effort to save her.

Six-year-old Amy has had a difficult start to life, being abandoned by her mother and then imprisoned as part of a massive government experiment. Special Agent Brad Wolgast is just the latest person ordered into Amy’s life to control her, but Brad’s heart is warmed by the young girl’s quiet demeanor. …

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Me Before You: A Novel

Me Before You is a 2013 release from contemporary romance writer Jojo Moyes which has become a New York Times bestseller, having sold more than five million copies. Currently being adapted into a major motion picture to be released this March, this title follows the story of a woman who grows to deeply care about a man slipping away from life.

The life of Louisa Clark has been anything but extraordinary. She’s only ever experienced her tiny little town, she’s been with her boyfriend for a long time and lives in a close, tight-knit family unit. That’s completely opposite from the way …

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The Moonlit Garden

The Moonlit Garden is the English version of the 2013 title penned by German historical romance novelist Corina Bomann and translated by Alison Layland. Released yesterday, it follows the journey of a young woman who feels that the best of life is behind her, only to find out secrets which open a whole new path forward.

Widowed at a young age, Lilly Kaiser has accepted the solitude she believes will follow for the rest of her life, consigning herself to focus on running her antiques shop in Berlin. That’s until a stranger enters the shop one day to give Lilly a …

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A Faint Cold Fear (The Grant County Series, Book #3)

A Faint Cold Fear is the third title in the Grant County series penned by Karin Slaughter, a former New York Times bestselling author and currently Amazon’s most popular writer in mysteries and police procedurals. This book features a story of a small town racked by a series of suicides, but a pair of investigators find out that foul play might be involved.

The college campus in the town of Heartsdale, Georgia, is the setting of a terrible loss when a heavily mutilated body appears in what everyone assumes is self-inflicted event. Medical examiner Sara Linton is called to the scene which …

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Brilliance by Marcus Sakey was a 2013 nominee for the Edgar Award for mystery writing which has received praise from publications like Chicago Tribune, Kirkus and NPR. This novel features the story of a man who can use his hidden powers to uncover a deadly terrorist, but to do so would betray everyone else who shares this secret with him.

Nick Cooper is one of the one percent of people born since 1980 who are known as the “brilliants”: people with special gifts for reading body language or sensing patterns. People all over America have been able to leverage their “brilliants” status to …

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The Memory Box

The Memory Box is the first major fiction title from author Eva Lesko Natiello which is available through Amazon, recently climbing towards the Top 10 bestsellers in the Kindle store. This award-winning story features a psychological drama focused on one woman who finds that her digital persona is starting to take over her life in a tragic way.

Caroline Thompson is a mother of two and unlike the other privileged suburban moms who frequently socialize, she isn’t into the trend of searching online for gossip that can be used in real life. Caroline is relieved to find out that the few …

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Unlawful Attraction: The Complete Boxed Set

The Unlawful Attraction boxed set includes five volumes of alpha billionaire romance titles penned by author M. S. Parker, a former USA Today bestselling writer. This series follows the passionate romance which grows between a young woman desperate for love and a rival attorney.

Dena Monroe has seen her friends Carrie and Krissy both find the love for which they’ve been searching, and at the age of 26, Dena feels the need to find a relationship of her own to escape her full-time attorney lifestyle. Her desire brings her to a sex club where she meets Arik, a hunky man who ends up …

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The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel

The Baller is the most recent title released by popular contemporary romance author Vi Keeland, a USA Today and New York Times bestselling writer. This novel features the titillating and steamy romance that develops between an MVP football player and a female sportscaster who tries to fend him off at every pass.

Delilah Maddox is on her first assignment as a sportscaster and she’s given the task of interviewing Brody Easton, the most valuable player of the Super Bowl and perennial bad boy. Upon first meeting Delilah, Brody decides to bare everything in the locker room and generally antagonizes the rookie reporter. His …

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Cold Betrayal: An Ali Reynolds Novel

Cold Betrayal is a recent addition to the Ali Reynolds series of novels penned by J.A. Jance, a popular author of mysteries and thrillers. This title puts Ali’s life in focus as the forces of evil creep back into her existence just as she starts to settle into a new life as a married woman.

Ali and her husband, B. Simpson, are hopeful that they can enjoy some peace and quiet after their marriage but the calm is quickly dashed when Ali’s new daughter-in-law approaches her desperate for help. The girl’s grandmother has been receiving threats and is fearful for her …

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Wool Omnibus Edition (The Silo Series, Books #1-5)

This omnibus edition of Wool collects the five titles of the Silo series penned by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Hugh Howey into a single work. This science fiction title has been earning accolades since the first stand-alone short story was first published in 2011.

Mankind is hanging onto survival with a loosening grasp as the outside world continues to grow more dangerous every day. In this commune, the people who’ve survived stay in their tight-knit communities and are forbidden to talk about what exists outside of their walls. Not everyone is content with living a life shut off from the …

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Enemy Women

Enemy Women is a 2009 novel released by author Paulette Jiles, currently one of the more popular authors on Amazon writing in the historical fiction genre. This story features a girl trying to hold her family together as the American nation is ripped apart by one of its greatest turmoils.

The Civil War was a trying time for most in the United States, but especially for those situated near the Union-Confederate border lines. Adair Colley is an 18-year-old girl living up in the Missouri Ozarks where she’s seen the conflict tear her own family into shreds. After her sisters flee, Union …

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The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House

The Residence is a detailed account of the inner workings of America’s White House as penned by political correspondent and former Fox News producer Kate Andersen Brower. This title takes readers on a trip through the residence of America’s First Family going back to the time of the Kennedy administration.

This non-fiction title depicts the day-to-day life of the White House through the eyes of the many cooks, maids, florists, doormen and others who tend to the daily needs of the President’s family. The relationships forged by many of these professionals over the course of decades, and the tense times they’ve …

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January (The Calendar Girl Series, Book #1)

January is a recent release from contemporary romance author Audrey Carlan, who currently ranks among the most popular fiction writers on Amazon. This novella is the first in Carlan’s Calendar Girl series featuring a girl that has one year to pay a debt or else lose her father.

Mia Saunders is running away from a disappointing existence in garish Las Vegas but her attention is drawn back towards home when she gets word that her father, who hasn’t paid a gambling debt to Mia’s cruel ex-boyfriend, has been horribly beaten by thugs. A message sent to Mia tells her that she …

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