Release Your Anger: An Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have been all the rage for the last several months. There’s just something about taking a nice set of high quality colored pencils to the pages of an intricate black and white picture that’s relaxing and enjoyable after a long, stressful day. One of the latest popular adult coloring books is Release Your Anger: Midnight Edition, which is definitely just for adults. It, like most adult coloring books, features intricate images, but instead of being printed on white paper, it’s printed on black paper – and there are 40 different “bad” words to fill in. With over …

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Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times

More than 200 friends, family, opponents, world leaders and others who knew Muhammad Ali throughout his life gave their words for this national bestseller, Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times. This title dives into the details behind the scenes of Ali’s life, delivering a brilliant display of candor and an intimate look into his accomplished and astounding life. Readers of the book describe it as a “must read” for fans of Ali’s boxing and his life in general. Instead of focusing directly on Ali’s skills in the ring, Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times delves into his personal life starting …

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Room: A Novel

Room is a bestselling novel which was originally released by author Emma Donoghue in 2010 which has recently been adapted into a major motion picture nominated for multiple Academy Awards. This title focuses on the story of a boy who slowly comes to realize that life is much more than the small room in which he and his mother have been kept his entire life.

Jack is five years old and the only world he knows is Room, an eleven-foot by eleven-foot enclosure where he is able to play, watch television and enjoy the care and support of his Ma. Every night, …

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The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress is a 2012 release from author Rachel Hauck which has recently climbed its way into the Top 10 bestseller list for the Kindle Store. This title features the story of a woman with a sputtering romantic life who learns an important lesson on love from an old wedding dress which she finds.

Charlotte Malone has operated a successful wedding boutique of her own in Birmingham, Alabama, for years, and she’s always excelled at finding the right dress for the bride-to-be. Strangely, she finds herself unable to find the dress that feels right for her own upcoming marriage, just …

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The Girl You Lost

The Girl You Lost is the latest title out from Kathryn Croft, a popular author of thrillers. This novel, which has inched its way into the Top 10 bestseller list for the Kindle Store, shows readers the emotional journey taken by one mother who will stop at nothing to find her daughter who disappeared nearly two decades earlier.

When she was only six months old, Helena Porter was abducted from her parents Simone and Matt, shattering their world. Over the course of 18 years, they’re able to patch together a peace of mind which has allowed them to forge a path …

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Guarding His Obsession

Guarding His Obsession is a novel recently published by author Alexa Riley, currently the most popular writer of erotic fiction available on Amazon. This title features the story of a romance that heats up between the owner of a security firm and the brilliant but socially awkward woman he’s been charged with protecting.

Drake Hart’s security team is contracted one day to find a stalker who has been making life difficult for a young woman. He’s not sure what he’s getting himself into, but one look at her picture and he knows he’d stop at nothing to protect her. Drake’s shy nature …

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Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances

Trigger Warning is a collection of short fiction from fantasy writer Neil Gaiman, a former #1 New York Times bestselling author. This third short fiction anthology from Gaiman spans literary genres to tell many stories about the masks that people wear to cover their vulnerabilities and the truest versions of themselves.

This collection covers a wide swath of literary ground, from poetry to horror to science fiction to fairy tales and more. In A Calendar of Tales, Gaiman takes readers through a social media experience based on tweets from his fans. Adventure Story explores the way stories leave with the people who tell them when they die. The …

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Wife for Hire

Wife for Hire is a 2013 release from Marilyn Shank, currently one of the more popular authors of contemporary romance whose works are available on Amazon. This title, which features a story of a young woman who agrees to act as a make-believe wife to assuage her fake husband’s father, has risen towards the ranks of the top bestsellers in the Kindle store.

Gabriella Gibson is ready to take her life in a dramatic new direction when she leaves her job as an acting teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, to play her own role of a lifetime. She arrives in Land’s End, …

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Black Plumes

This eBook edition of Black Plumes is a 2014 digital re-release of a book originally published in 1940 and written by famed British detective novel author Margery Allingham. This title tells the tale of a series of mysterious events at a prestigious London art gallery which becomes more malicious, and even fatal, over time.

The Ivory Gallery in London is one of the art world’s premier museum institutions and is directly overseen by the Ivory family, including 90-year-old matriarch Gabrielle Ivory. When an expensive painting is slashed, the rest of the family is quick to explain it away as a bad practical …

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A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a New York Times bestselling novel released last year by Sarah J. Maas, one of Amazon’s more popular writers of teen fiction. This fantasy novel features the struggle of a young woman who is held hostage by a world she has been taught to fear but begins to see with new eyes.

Nineteen-year-old Fayre is hunting in the woods when she kills a wolf. Instantly, she is confronted by a beast-like creature who forces Fayre to come to the mythical land of the Fae where she must offer retribution for what she took. Fayre learns that …

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The Passage (The Passage Trilogy, Book #1)

The Passage is a May 2011 release from author Justin Cronin, a popular writer in the science fiction & fantasy genre. This title introduces readers to a post-apocalyptic world where a man sent to track down a girl with special powers disobeys his orders in an effort to save her.

Six-year-old Amy has had a difficult start to life, being abandoned by her mother and then imprisoned as part of a massive government experiment. Special Agent Brad Wolgast is just the latest person ordered into Amy’s life to control her, but Brad’s heart is warmed by the young girl’s quiet demeanor. …

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Me Before You: A Novel

Me Before You is a 2013 release from contemporary romance writer Jojo Moyes which has become a New York Times bestseller, having sold more than five million copies. Currently being adapted into a major motion picture to be released this March, this title follows the story of a woman who grows to deeply care about a man slipping away from life.

The life of Louisa Clark has been anything but extraordinary. She’s only ever experienced her tiny little town, she’s been with her boyfriend for a long time and lives in a close, tight-knit family unit. That’s completely opposite from the way …

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The Moonlit Garden

The Moonlit Garden is the English version of the 2013 title penned by German historical romance novelist Corina Bomann and translated by Alison Layland. Released yesterday, it follows the journey of a young woman who feels that the best of life is behind her, only to find out secrets which open a whole new path forward.

Widowed at a young age, Lilly Kaiser has accepted the solitude she believes will follow for the rest of her life, consigning herself to focus on running her antiques shop in Berlin. That’s until a stranger enters the shop one day to give Lilly a …

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A Faint Cold Fear (The Grant County Series, Book #3)

A Faint Cold Fear is the third title in the Grant County series penned by Karin Slaughter, a former New York Times bestselling author and currently Amazon’s most popular writer in mysteries and police procedurals. This book features a story of a small town racked by a series of suicides, but a pair of investigators find out that foul play might be involved.

The college campus in the town of Heartsdale, Georgia, is the setting of a terrible loss when a heavily mutilated body appears in what everyone assumes is self-inflicted event. Medical examiner Sara Linton is called to the scene which …

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